The Human Rights Counseling Service on the Internet
How to Use the Human Rights Counseling Service
The Human Rights Bodies of the Ministry of Justice accept human rights counseling requests via internet.
 If you fill out and submit an online counseling inquiry form, describing your name, address, age, and details of consultation, we at the Legal Affairs Bureau will respond to you either by email, phone, or an interview at a later date.
 Do not struggle alone, but feel free to contact us for help.
 Please read the following regarding the Usage of the Services carefully and then click ‘’Next’’.
Usage of the Services
  1. The information will be kept strictly confidential. The personal information you enter will not be used for any other purposes.
  2. To use the human rights counseling service, a terminal such as a personal computer with an email sending / receiving feature and an internet browsing feature is required. Depending on the user environment, you may not be able to use the human rights counseling service.
  3. We will send a guidance of the about the Human rights counseling inquiry input form for consultation to the email address registered at the time of application, so please make sure to set it so that you can receive emails from the following domain before applying.
  4. You can send the contents of the inquiry up to 3 times using the Human rights counseling content input form.
  5. It takes several days to answer your consultation inquiry. If you are in a hurry or it is not possible for you to apply for counseling due to user environment issues,please contact the nearest Legal Affairs Bureau or the Foreign-language Human Rights Hotline.
  6. Depending on the content of the inquiry, we may ask you for more details by phone or through an interview.